Friday, October 20, 2017

Steps to checkout books on Castlewood Overdrive site. 

1. Sign in to TIE overdrive content Click here. Choose Castlewood School and User your email address and password. 

2. Browse to find a book.  A black book symbol indicates book can be checked out.  Gray icon symbolizes book is not available at this time. 

3. Click Borrow when you find your selection.

4. Click Go to Check Outs. 

5. Choose how you want to read your book. Books can be delivered to a Kindle (checked out from Mrs. McEldowney) or read in your browser. Some books have more than one option to download. 

If you choose a Kindle...(choose confirm & get). 

1. After you click Get Kindle ebook, you will need to sign in to amazon (it should automatically open a new window).  Use your k12 email credentials. 

2.  Under the Deliver to:  Choose the kindle assigned to you. 

3. Click Get Library Book.

4. You have two weeks to read your book.

If you choose Read in Browser...your book will open in another window.  Each time you want to read you may have to log into overdrive and it will take you where you left off. 

When you are done reading you need to return the book.  

1. Log in to

2.  Under the Account & Lists window, choose Manage Your Content and Devices. 

3. Select the book you need to return. 

4. Choose the Action button (box with ...) and choose return book. 

5.  Check your Kindle back in with Mrs. McEldowney.